Change Can Be Good!
Most people don’t like change. One definition of the word “change” is: to take or use another instead of This particular definition refers to the replacement of something you already have. If you already have something, why change? Maybe you’re unhappy with what you have or you want to replace what no longer meets your needs. Changing from one to another may save you money or allow you to grow, but if you don’t like change, you may ignore the advantages with an excuse like “I’m just ...
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Mom, I got an A!
I wasn’t much of a student. In fact, from grade 6 through my senior year in high school, there was only one grading period where I was able to walk in the front door and tell my mother, “I got an A!”
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| Categories: Managing Risks, Protecting Business
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About Us

Security America Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is an insurance company developed by the Electronic Security Association (ESA).



  • Professionalism at it’s best! It’s the only company we will ever use because the commitment goes both ways. SARRG rises above the rest.
    — Lynn Comer, President, Shenandoah Valley Security, LLC
  • The efficiency, professionalism, and positive attitude displayed by the Security America staff immediately put me at ease.
    — Barbara Angela, President, Vision Alarm Security Service, Inc.
  • Thank you for your help. You were so quick in sending this to me. That's why we like doing business with your company: your wonderful customer service.
    — Agnes Morrow Office Manager, Securi-Com, Inc.
  • You saved us a boatload of money--$5,000 per year to be exact--on our insurance. Security America is awesome!
    — Ralph Manento, Owner, Royal Security Services, Inc.
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