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Security America Restructures to Keep Operational Costs Down and Expand Coverage Offerings
With no significant rate increases throughout fourteen years of operations, Security America is now restructuring to continue to deliver on its mission of providing quality coverage at minimal cost.
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What You Need to Know About ESA’s Insurance Program, Security America RPG (SARPG)
THE RIGHT INSURANCE package is essential to the longterm success of your company — so it’s important to tap the expertise of your industry. ESA knows your business and has tailored insurance policies that serve electronic security and life safety companies. Enter SARRG.
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Cyber-Crime Growth…Are You Covered?
Think you’re safe? Sadly, the odds are stacked against you. According to Cyber Facts only 44% of internet traffic is actual humans, the other 56% is bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and scammers. The results? 37,000 websites are hacked every day. In fact, costs related to cyber crime are expected to rise to $2 trillion a year by 2019, according to Forbes magazine.
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Managing Risk & Protecting Your Business
The electronic security industry is hyper-focused on our customers. From retail locations to government buildings to multi-family residences, our clients and their properties are consistently at the forefront of our minds. Our business objectives are almost always related to providing the most advanced technologies with high-quality user experiences at solid price points. And this is as it should be. But every once in a while, we need to turn the tables and focus on ourselves and our business.
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Trump, the Election, and the Future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
As I lay awake watching the returns roll in, I thought about all the doing that would need to be undone. On Christmas Eve, 2009, in the hours following the Senate’s passage of the ACA and the certainty that passage in the House of Representatives would follow, I remember having the same feeling, and thinking through all the ways the healthcare market and my industry would change. I put my thoughts to paper as I wrote a message to all of my clients, encouraging them to take a deep breath as the...
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My C.O. Detector Isn’t Working
It was time for the hardwood floors in my house to be refinished. As I prepared for the flooring guys arrival, I began moving furniture and clearing out appliances. No small feat, but it had to be done. As I was moving the washer and dryer out of the laundry room I noticed the carbon monoxide detector on the wall. Note to self: call my alarm company and put that zone on test - expecting the fumes would set it off. I kept on with the tasks at hand and I forgot the note to self and to call. ...
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Change Can Be Good!
Most people don’t like change. One definition of the word “change” is: to take or use another instead of This particular definition refers to the replacement of something you already have. If you already have something, why change? Maybe you’re unhappy with what you have or you want to replace what no longer meets your needs. Changing from one to another may save you money or allow you to grow, but if you don’t like change, you may ignore the advantages with an excuse like “I’m just ...
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Mom, I got an A!
I wasn’t much of a student. In fact, from grade 6 through my senior year in high school, there was only one grading period where I was able to walk in the front door and tell my mother, “I got an A!”
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About Us

Security America Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is an insurance company developed by the Electronic Security Association (ESA).



  • Professionalism at it’s best! It’s the only company we will ever use because the commitment goes both ways. SARRG rises above the rest.
    — Lynn Comer, President, Shenandoah Valley Security, LLC
  • The efficiency, professionalism, and positive attitude displayed by the Security America staff immediately put me at ease.
    — Barbara Angela, President, Vision Alarm Security Service, Inc.
  • Thank you for your help. You were so quick in sending this to me. That's why we like doing business with your company: your wonderful customer service.
    — Agnes Morrow Office Manager, Securi-Com, Inc.
  • You saved us a boatload of money--$5,000 per year to be exact--on our insurance. Security America is awesome!
    — Ralph Manento, Owner, Royal Security Services, Inc.
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